Various tips or remedies to treat cold and cough of kids

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There are so many seasonal infections which can be faced by us when there is any variation in the season. The most likely to be affected by these seasonal changes are kids. They are not having a strong immune system and that is why they are more prone to them. The most common among them is cold and cough. Even you have to take extra care of kids as compared to adults because they can’t explain what they are feeling.

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The cough can be dry or wet cough the symptom for both can be different in this case you must give your child Torex syrup to get relief from the cough. Common flu can cause dry cough or it can be due to other reasons like allergic to smoke or dust particles etc. There are some home remedies that will definitely help you to treat your kids in these situations.

Various tips or remedies to treat cold and cough of kids:

  • Make them learn how to gargle: gargle can provide instant relief and that is why it is important for your kids to learn it. Your kids will not learn it in the first attempt you have to make extra efforts to make them learn. But you must give it a try. You can add salt to the lukewarm water to provide more relief to your kids.
  • Use honey: honey is a quick remedy that helps in relieving your kid from cough and cold. It includes many properties which are helpful in treating the common seasonal infections. You can give raw honey or you can even use honey in water.
  • Use ginger: ginger is also an effective home remedy that helps your child to get relief from cough. You can mash ginger to get its juice and you can add honey to its juice. Both these remedies can work like magic. You can also use Torex dry cough syrup to get instant relief.
  • Enough sleep for quick recovery: you must make sure that your child takes enough sleep. There are some infections which are cured only with the rest. So, make sure your kid take sound sleep after you try these home remedies.
  • Keep them hydrated: make your kid takes enough amount of water as it is very important to stay hydrated during cold or cough. You can also give them other liquids if they are not drinking water. It is very important to fulfill their fluid requirement to keep them hydrated.
  • Turmeric milk: this remedy is a solution for any problems you can also use this to treat cough and the common cold. You can add turmeric to lukewarm milk as turmeric is the most effective remedy to treat various injuries, infections, etc.
  • Herbal syrup: there are many syrups available in the market make sure you use herbal Torex cough syrup for child. The herbal syrup will be free from any chemicals and it is best for your child.

So, these are the fowling home remedies that you can try to treat the problem of cough for your kids.

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