Online shopping: 8 tips to pay less

Online shopping 8 tips to pay less


Notice to the buyers at the other end of the click! We reveal you our little tips to save money on your online shopping.

No need to wait for sales to make good business! Discover our malignant techniques of serial shoppeuses to offer you fashion parts at smart prices!

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This is the first reflex to have to receive the discounts that interest you automatically without having to monitor anything other than your mailbox. Often, it allows you to receive a personalized one on the date of your birthday, just to offer you a nice gift! Do not hesitate to register clever, when you have spotted a first piece that you are sure to buy because the newsletter often gives you the right to benefits from registration that is traditionally celebrated on e-shops with a promo of welcome.

Tip # 2: Become a privileged member of the e-shop

This is exactly the principle of the H & M Club which offers you regular promotional codes and personal discounts based on your purchases in progress or validated. Free shipping, shopping summer coat vouchers or discount percentages, earn loyalty points as part of the regulars club to receive exclusive offers. Why deprive yourself?

Tip # 3: bet on the outlets

Go to the website of your favorite brand is good, take a ride on his outlet is better! In any case regarding the final amount of your shopping cart. Thanks to its mini-sites brands, you can find parts of previous collections at attractive prices or unbeatable!

Tip # 4: order several or wait for a filled basket

You are thrifty and you often buy only one piece at a low price ? Already, congratulations! But you must know the cost of expensive postage compared to your purchases. Why not take the opportunity to invite your best friends to share the order and shipping costs? Nothing better than a girls’ shopping to save money! And if you prefer to play solo, wait until you have filled your basket to validate it: by grouping your various small orders you can certainly reach the amount necessary to claim free delivery. With the money saved you can crack and more for a nice accessory or cumulate the euros in your piggy bank of fashion.

Tip # 5: Conduct your internet survey to compare prices

You are on an e-shop, you see a piece that you like … You add it to the cart and you confirm to pay. In any case, usually. But to be sure to pay the cheapest price, do not hesitate to scan the reseller sites of the brand you want because you may find your item elsewhere at another price. Then order on the site that offers the best price on the day of purchase. It’s simple, it only takes a few minutes and you can save a lot of euros. So make a habit of comparing the sites offering the best prices!

Tip # 6: Change the currency of the site

This is the trick we talked about in detail here for Asos , but it also works on other international e-shops. By changing the currency of the site, you sometimes enjoy more attractive prices than with the euro. It’s worth a try.

Tip # 7: Think about the cashback option

This is to buy through a site that pays you to be passed by him by paying you a portion of your purchases in the form of credits to spend at another partner merchant site most often. Concretely you pay your first order at a high price via the cashback site but it gives you the right to a sum credited on your kitty that you can spend again elsewhere without paying a dime more. Tempting no?

Tip # 8: When returns are not free, use PayPal!

While many e-shops now offer free returns in case of unsuccessful fitting, this is not always the case. Problem: the return costs to return the package to the sender are still a bit expensive … This is where PayPal is interesting. By paying your order via Paypal, it is the service that supports the return costs. A good reason to use it!

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