Role of Data Analytics in Education, Healthcare Governance and Energy Management Systems

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Not many know that 97% of the analysts who pass from Data Analytics Courses in India are part of Google’s or Microsoft’s next-gen Cloud and AI Engineering teams. Together with the natives of Israel, Japan, Korea, and Germany, the Indian data analytics professionals are driving a bit revolution in the fields of education, healthcare governance, and energy management systems.

Let’s learn more about the role of data analytics in these industries:


The backbone of this education tech industry is Data Analytics, which drives in more than $4500 million every year through its research and data science projects.

We are living in a truly computerized world where anything and everything we interact with has been connected to computer software. For a country that had only 3% of its population were owning a personal desktop or laptop in 2002, the journey in the last 15 years has been rather dramatic. Today, India owns the largest share of Internet-driven mobile devices, and generates the highest volume of Internet Data banks, largely from the applications of social media, telecom and banking services. The rapid rise of mobile gadgets has encouraged the education sector to turn the spin in its favor.

Today, we hear a lot about the education technology companies that are offering a wide range of education content management services for the school-going population in the age-group of 4 and 18 years.

For the college-going population, online graduation, Post Graduate, Master’s, and Ph.D. level edutech platforms are also available. All these curate personalized content with real-time virtual training and assistance for learning, development, internship, and job search.

Healthcare and Governance

India is one of the fastest-growing global economies and it is slated to have the largest population of under-25 years’ citizen by 2030. With such a large group of young citizens, the focus of healthcare shifts to providing healthcare facilities to the risky age-groups:

  • Under 3 years
  • Above 45 years

The Ministry of AYUSH (Ayushman Bharat Pradhan Mantri Jan Arogya Yojan) is an Indian government initiative as part of the National Health Policy. The AYUSH project is a massive undertaking of connecting every citizen’s digital identity with his / her health condition and provisioning quick access to the nearest healthcare institution at affordable costs of treatment, nursing, and surgery.

It also provisions for respectful governance of cases as per the degree of intervention needed to save lives by offering blood bank access, transplantation, and air-ambulance services in cases of extreme emergencies.

 The entire database is constantly monitored, updated, and analyzed to understand the spread of an epidemic or regional infections based on Big Data visualization, and applications.

During the COVID-19, the My Setu self-service app portal showed how powerful healthcare governance can strengthen the fight against pandemic by stopping fake news spread, and evaluating local and national systems’ preparedness to extend healthcare services in time.

Energy Management

India still needs a very strong energy management system to connect its national grid project to every village. But that’s not the real objective of becoming an energy-efficient country.

Energy Management requires standardization of architecture of building, location of solar panels, indoor comfort, appliances included in the building, and so on. It begins with the micro-level planning of every building and ensuring how energy management systems are working for every house connected with the energy grid.

The real power of Energy Management lies with the smart power grid that uses Cognitive Automation and Automated Data Visualization techniques to identify the areas that are blacked out or conversely, areas that are drawing more power than required in regular duration.

Data Science is correcting the entire HVAC industry with the smart manufacturing of ACs, Heaters, Boilers, and so on. Industrial appliances are also deriving their optimal efficiencies and operational performance since getting connected to the IoT-based energy meters and sensor management systems.

Improving Quality of Life and Support with Data Science

Data Analytics Courses in India are specifically developed to provide world-class training to students.

The world has moved beyond simply putting luxury and comfort ahead of everything else. Today, citizens are far more aware of their local and national needs, and also about their responsibility as a global citizen.

No country in the world can deny now that India is truly a superpower and the prowess it holds in the advanced scientific fields of AI Machine Learning, Mobile application development, Internet services, and Data Science are benefiting the whole world.

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