Solar Lights Solution For The Landscape, Pathway, And Sidewalk

Solar Lights Solution


External light along trails, walkways, and bikeways should build since adequate lighting levels are critical for maintaining the safety and security of cyclists and pedestrians that go along such roadways. Lighting designers must assess the natural surroundings to ensure that the design fulfils the safety and security criteria to create a safe atmosphere.

First and foremost, pedestrian lighting must provide adequate illumination for a person to recognise traffic dangers. That offers a safe atmosphere for pedestrians, allows them to navigate safely at night, and eliminates accidents, including tripping over underlit sidewalk barriers.

Secondly, illumination must incorporate security features that safeguard people, public areas, and businesses from harm and possible threats. A safely lit pathway is a person’s capacity to notice their environment and analyse any threats; hence, the lights should illuminate all entities on the road, including the other pedestrians. The security component is crucial so that approaching persons by assessing their physical states and potential risks, such as the firearms they are carrying.

Why should you use solar lights?

When relating to an outdoor lighting project, trenching is one of the most challenging issues contractors face. It might be a long walkway, trail, pavement, or wide open space with distributed lighting bulbs.

Although, off-grid lighting alternatives need trenching, costly materials, labour, and getting permits over a somewhat extended period/project.

Yet, with Highlux Lighting, no trenching, wires, or technicians are necessary. Also, there is no accumulating power cost for the property owners. They are presently two pathway lights appropriate for pavements and trails:

  • Their Solablade solar LED light angles solar panel and an attractive appearance. It is readily affixed to poles and delivers bright but pleasant downward illumination.
  • The Solabollard is a solar LED bollard light ideal for downward-casting illumination along sidewalks. It has an omnidirectional automated revolving solar panel that moves with the sun throughout the day to gather as much sunlight as possible. These solar lights provide outstanding off-grid illumination for safety and security for any public walkway, landscape, and pedestrian lighting design.

When you use Highlux Lighting, you have the added benefit of simple installation, no tunnelling, and low maintenance. This way, you may have a safe and secure illuminated road while paying less money to set up and up these LED lights. Because of the solar element, the pedestrian lights get all their energy from the sun, ensuring both green energy and avoiding the power expenditures that on-grid illuminate encounter. Solar pedestrian LEDs can work on walkways and spaces of different lengths and dimensions, making them the perfect illumination solutions for a safe and secure environment.

The only necessary thing is an annual check-up – and maybe a clean solar panel if any residue has fallen on it. Nothing could be more simple. These solar lights will offer light with over 200 hours on a complete eight-hour charging on a bright day: 8 continuous days or two weeks’ supply of nights at the darkest moment of the year.

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