Some of The Short Story Disney And Star Wars Merchandise

Star Wars Merchandise


Many people think that Disney products are solely for kids, but there is a wide array of merchandise for adults. One such product is the short story Disney and Star Wars merchandise, which have been growing in popularity worldwide as they’re made available on an ever-growing variety of platforms.

Stranded on Jakub by Alexandra Bracken and Elizabeth Schaefer

The first story is a tale of a scavenger called Sacro Plank who, after being stranded and left for dead on Jakub, is taken in by Rey, who, naturally, needs some help. When his ship is nearly destroyed, this unlikely duo must work together to fight off rogues who have also taken an interest in the salvage they’ve collected.

The Catcher was a Spy by Robert J. Wharton

Set in the aftermath of the Battle of Endor, this Short Story centres on a young girl named Felicity, who is rescued by a woman called Meg, who gives her food and a home. This story is different because Felicity is one of the New Republic’s superspies (she has super hearing and night vision), though she chooses not to use her power for fear that it will harm others.

The Lost Journals of Rahul Hex by Emilia Banks

This novel tells the tale of three orphans growing up in different parts of Zion: Samira, Darian, and Zz’fet. Zz’sfet is a poor, troubled young boy living on the streets. He is taken in by two women who live there, but as his character grows, so does his hatred for the Empire.

Tales from Abrin by Edwina Creation

“Beulah” was once ViaWest, the most powerful Seth Sage of her time. Tired of being envious of her fellow Sages, she agrees to be trained by Jarena, a powerful Seth apprentice. Together they continue the training to seek power and revenge against their arch-rival Sage Korea.

A Galaxy Divided by Jenna Price

Carrie Lambert was just a simple reporter searching for her short story when she discovered something that changed everything. Something that took over her entire life and thrust her into this epic battle against an evil authority.

Infinity War: The Chronicles of Taxus by John Howell

This story takes place five years after the Battle of Endor. The Galaxy has been reconstructed thanks to the New Republic and its newfound allies. Taxus, the Dark Lord of the Seth, is ready to take what is rightfully his and seeks to destroy the New Republic. The war wages on as a young Jedi grows into his powers and attempts to stop Taxus.

The Nau tolan’s Code by Michael Koger

“18 BBY, just after Order 66 has been initiated. Anakin Skywalker is a mobile enforcer of the Republic’s new policies towards nonhumans. Undercover as a human bounty hunter, he’s on assignment in MOs Spa to track down dissidents trying to rouse anti-Imperial sentiment among Autoland.”-Michael Koger.

Crush by Karin Loaches and edited by P.J. Post

Set before The Force Awakens, this short story follows a young Resistance fighter named Crush and her new friend, who is part of Saw Gerbera’s Partisans. After rescuing a man that may have vital information about the First Order, the two reluctantly team up to escape them and return to the Resistance haven.

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