Wearing Pearl Pendant to Party? Here are Some Do’s and Don’ts to Keep in Mind

Wearing Pearl Pendant to Party


When it comes to comprehending the connection between pearls and girls, it has surely evolved over the years. Considering how pearl jewellery matches well with almost every outfit, adorning it for parties wouldn’t be a bad idea. So, if you’re ready to wear a pearl necklace to a party, this post would clear your doubts. Have a read.

Pearls have always been considered as an elegant and royal stone. They are not only attractive to turn heads but can even enhance your overall look. However, most of the times, women get the concept entirely wrong.

While wearing a pendant studded with pear is to a party, there are certain rules to follow and mistakes to avoid in order nailing the look. If you didn’t have any idea about them till now,  here are some do’s and don’ts that you must be keeping in mind.

DOs – Do Wear One Statement Ornament with Pendant:

When you’re adorning yourself for a party, you must keep in mind that minimal is beautiful. You’d want the attention to be on your pendant, and you wouldn’t want to divert people’s mind by wearing too many accessories and jewellery. So, make sure that you’re wearing only one statement ornament with the pendant, whether it is a ring or a bracelet.

Don’ts – Don’t Mismatch the Pendant Color with Complexion:

Gone are the days when women used to run after white pearls. Today, you can find an extensive range of colours, lustres, and shapes to accentuate your neckline. Knowing the variety that is available out there might provide you with the needed options. However, you must make sure that the colour you’re choosing matches well with your complexion. Otherwise, this mismatch may create a huge fashion blunder.

Dos – Do Match Dress Color:

Not just your complexion, but the colour of your dress should be considered thoroughly too. If possible, resist wearing your pendant with similar or light colour dress. If you’re coming off as excessively matchy, it may not suit your personality as you’d have expected. Also, avoid wearing pastel colours as well, if you don’t intend to look older than your age. Consider bright colours to look fresh and charming.

Don’ts – Don’t Forget the Chain Length:

Chain length is another significant factor when it comes to wearing right for a party. And, often people get this factor completely wrong. If you think the classic strand is your style, you can experiment with the chain length to get a perfect look. However, make sure that it’s neither too short nor too long. Or else, it will make the entire look go in vain.

Dos – Do Keep Your Fashion Style in Mind:

Besides weighing colours, sizes, and everything else, you must also keep your fashion style in mind. Being able to adorn pendant with different types of dresses will make things easier for you. In this way, you’ll ensure that you’re making the most out of your purchase.

Don’ts – Don’t Restrict Clothing Style:

While going for a party, you don’t have to restrict wearing pearl pendant only with a ball gown or a trendy dress. If you want to look different, you can even adorn a casual chic look by matching jeans and denim shirt with your pendant.

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Hopefully, now you’d know that pearls are not limited for formal occasions but can be worn for revitalising parties as well. So, make sure that you’re making your pendant look unique and not out-of-the-style. Experiment with your looks and turn heads like a boss.

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