How to access NBA 2K20 before the Release date

access NBA 2K20 before the Release date


NBA 2K20 demo enables the player to obtain an early trial of the complete game. On this demo, you will manage to try many player configurations in an attempt to make a player the perfect fit the play-style. If you manage to play the version effectively, those skills you make you become an expert also with the complete version.

Lately this year 2K sports released 2K prelude version and NBA 2K20 free demo that allow the player to attempt a portion of this game before they release it on September this year. Even though there is no early release of NBA 2K20, it implies that the only method of playing NBA before the official release date is through NBA 2k20 demo.

Just similar to Prelude, NBA 2K20 demo is not a complete version. It only allows the player to attempt a small portion of the game. Also, it can help the player to decide whether it’s worth buying a complete version of NBA 2K20. If you are playing with a trial version of this game before an official of a full game, you need to understand essential things about NBA 2K20 demo.

The release date of NBA 2K20

A complete version of NBA 2K20 is expected to be released on 6th September. Anyone who wishes to buy any version can visit the retail centres like Best Buy, Walmart, Game Stop, Amazon and New Egg. However, demo currently available before the official date and time-release of NBA 2K20. If you need more information regarding this product, you take a look at the guide of NBA 2K20 download.

How to Play NBA 2020 Demo

A complete edition of NBA 2K20 has officially been directed to five platforms. These platforms include PS4, Nintendo Switch, PC and Google Stadia. Additionally, still, there is also an expectation of Android and iOS. However, it is unfortunate that the NBA 2K20 demo is currently limited with only three platforms, including PS4, Nintendo Switch and Xbox One.

The Size of NBA 2K20 Demo

If you intend to play NBA 2KBA demo on PS4, expect a download size of 17 GB. And if you want to play it with Xbox, your download will be approximately 16GB. In case you have inadequate space, then you should consider purchasing an external hard disk. Always choose portable Samsung T5 SSD, and another reliable option is WD passport 4TD.

The cost of NBA 2K20

At the moment you are not advised to order NBA 2K20 demo copy since it is freely downloaded for PS4, Nintendo Switch and Xbox.


If you want to spend a little bit into NBA 2K2O game version, then you will have to pre-order for bonuses copy. If you decide to order in advance a standard version copy of this game, you will get some good bonuses in September.

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Look at more info via NBA official site, where you find five packs heat that will be delivered one weekly. NBA 2K20 demo is freely downloaded with pre-order as well. Therefore, you will have a quite excellent start with NBA 2K2O standard game modes

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