Know about the Basics of Managed WordPress Hosting

Know about the Basics of Managed WordPress Hosting


Anyone that has opted for WordPress hosting in India understands that running a website on their own is a complicated and challenging task. They have to take care of many specific tasks regularly including audits and updates. That is why some of them prefer to choose managed WordPress hosting services. This way their host takes care of all of the technical elements of maintaining their website.

Who Should ChooseManaged WordPress Hosting?

If you are wondering whether a hosting plan with managed WordPress is the right choice, you can take a moment to think. You need to consider two key elements before you make the decision – your budget and your needs. Although managed hosting services offer many benefits, they involve a greater initial investment. So, you should opt for a managed plan if you can afford it.

Next, you should consider whether you would want somebody else to handlewebsite maintenance for you or not. If are not an expert on WordPress, servers, and all the other technical stuff involved in running a website, you should go ahead with managed hosting services. It will save you time and worry and you can get a site that’s safer and performs more smoothly. Additionally, you will get all the help you need from a skilled team whenever you need it.

On the other hand, if you and your team have the technical expertise, you can choose unmanaged hosting. It will allow you to make key decisions for your website on your own. You can customize it as you want and align it with your website goals.

Advantages ofManaged WordPress Hosting

If you have made up your mind and want to go ahead with managed WordPress hosting in India, you should be aware of its pros and cons. Most web hosts offer different sets of services and features with their plans. However, you will get these benefits with most of them:

  • They will handle updates for you, and create frequent backups of your site
  • They will regularly scan your site for vulnerabilities, and quickly respond to deal with any issues that arise
  • They will take care of performance optimization so that your site keeps running fast at all times
  • They will configure your server according to your specified needs
  • They will offer staging sites to help you safely test changes and updates
  • They will provide constant support and address all your questions

Disadvantagesof Managed WordPress Hosting

If you are choosing these services, you should get a complete picture. It includes being aware of the downside of managed WordPress hosting services as well. First, it is expensive. As the host will take care of your website needs, it is going to cost you extra that will add up over time.

Another potential downside to these services is that managed hosting will take away the option of customizing it yourself. If you are a technically-savvy user, you may want to configure your server and optimize your site’s performance and security on your own. With managed hosting, you will have to rely on your provider for the level of services they offer.

Managed WordPress plans do offer exciting benefits. So, you should assess your budget, needs, and technical expertise and make the right decision.

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