Eight Types of Cotton Tops for Girls

Eight Types of Cotton Tops for Girls


Cotton is one fabric that has always been popular among people across the globe. It soaks sweat and dries up quickly. It is supremely comfortable and light. It just makes for an ideal fabric for summers.  For a woman, having a variety of cotton tops is a must in scorching Indian summers. While most of us have a wardrobe stuffed with cotton tops for girls, we often have no ideal about the several styles of these tops. If you are al set to shop for cotton tops then here we bring to you a few styles available in cotton tops.

Summer T-shirt

Nothing can beat the style that comes with t-shirts. These are mostly short. You can easily find tees in a range of prints and patterns. Most teens prefer hip prints such as super hero or cartoon. They are just liked by all and sundry. They are available in unisex style and are often counted among the most sought-after style all over the globe. Summer tees go neither out of style nor fashion.

Crop cotton tops

Crop tops have emerged as one of the most preferred styles. Curvy waist and flat abs can be very well flaunted with this particular style. Those who can carry these tops can have an amazing look. It is breezy and light. You can wear it over shorts and skinny jeans. It is quite popular among teens.

Kurta cotton tops

This is something that a major section of Indian women love to have.  The best thing about cotton kurta tops is that they can be worn without being scrutinized over tradition. They are easily available in different lengths and you can choose the one as per your choice and preference. You can pair cotton tops for girls with jeans and leggings both.

Sleeveless formal cotton top

Long traveling hours to office followed by a packed schedule can make anyone tiring. This particular grilling routine can take a toll on anyone especially during the summers. This is exactly where formal cotton tops can come to your rescue. These tops are easily available in a range of styles. You can pair them with skirts and pants.

Girls lace cotton tops

Lace cotton tops make for a stylish option for the young girls. Lace adds an amazing touch to the entire top. These tops are highly popular among girls. A lacy white cotton top paired with brown boots and blue jeans and a nude slim bag just enhances your overall personality.

Puffed sleeved cotton top

These are traditional Latin tops. You can see a puff on the shoulders. Such tops have made a comeback in world of fashion. An increasing number of girls and women are switching to these tops because of the stylish look.

Long sleeve cotton top

Have you forgotten to get your arms waxed? Are you not comfortable wearing short sleeves? If yes is what you might be answering then long sleeve cotton tops make for the safest bet. Given that you buy long sleeves cotton top, you can protect your hands for tanning as well.

Checked cotton top long

Until a few years back, checked design was considered obsolete and old-fashioned. However, as they say – Old is Gold – it has again made a comeback. Checked cotton tops look amazingly great girls across all age groups. The checks can be big or small, or both. You can pair checked cotton top with jeans and rest assured you will look smart.

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So, if you are all set to hit the market to shop with Itki Utki then you know about the available styles. The best way to shop for these tops is online. The virtualworld of the internet is home to some of the leading online shops from where you can buy cotton top of your choice at low cost.

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