5 Reasons Why Water Dispenser Is a Better Option than Bottled Water for Your Office

5 Reasons Why Water Dispenser Is a Better Option than Bottled Water for Your Office


Water is an essential requirement of every human being everywhere – irrespective of whether they are at home, office or anywhere else. As the employer, it becomes your responsibility to ensure adequate drinking water supply for all your employees in your commercial workspace. Having bottled water delivered to your office is one option. Another option is to have a water cooler with purifier connected to the main water supply. In this article, let us discuss how installation of a purifier is a much wiser decision than opting for bottles water.

Get Fresh Water Every Time

When bottled water gets to your office, it could even have been packaged the previous day or may be several weeks ago. It is generally stored in plastic bottles, which could have been in the storage where they could pick up odours from the surrounding environment. The bottles could also have been kept in a truck waiting in the hot sun getting heated and leaching harmful chemicals from the plastic into the water. So, bottled water is not the go-to solution to meet the daily water requirement at offices.

The best solution is to install a water dispenser cum purifier. Water dispensers can dispense fresh and cool water every single time. It would have gone through a purification process ensuring its purity.

Save Significant Amount of Money

Bottled water is a never-ending investment and you could end up using many bottles in one day depending on the employee strength at your office. You need to pay the supplier on a regular basis. Once a water cooler with purifier has been installed in your office, you need to worry only about its annual maintenance cost, which can be easily reduced with an annual maintenance contract. The additional cost is the cost of the water supply. Considering all costs, the cost per bottle of water is higher when compared to the same quantity getting purified and used.

Get Continuous Supply of Water

With a purifier-cum-cooler installed in the office, you will be able to get continuous and unlimited supply of purified water as long as you are getting water supply in the water inlet. You need not worry about running out of drinking water bottles in stock and coordinate with other suppliers in case your regular vendor backs out.

Hassle-Free Service Schedules

With the purifier installed and the AMC in place, you need not worry about the service aspect as the servicing agents will contact you at the designated time as per the schedule worked out. This way, your staff will also be saved from the mundane and time-consuming task of taking inventory, placing orders and receiving deliveries. They will be able to utilize this time in business development activities.

It Is Safe and Environment-Friendly

If you are using bottled water in your office, there will be a requirement for picking up the heavy bottles, storing them and retrieving them. Working with such heavy weights could lead to severe injury. With the installation of a water cooler with purifier,this risk is eliminated. It is also overall safer for the health of the staff. In addition to that, the use of plastic is reduced, which is much safer for the environment. Using a purifier-dispenser also boosts the sustainability profile of your organization.

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In conclusion, it is safe to say that installing a purifier-cum-cooler puts you in a win-win situation as compared to using bottled water, which could be harmful not just for your employees and their health but also harm the already stressed-out environment. So, switch to using a water dispenser for all your commercial needs and enjoy the rewarding results of saved money and better health.

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