4 natural tips to lose weight more easily

4 natural tips to lose weight more easily


If you’ve been with me for a while, you must know that I’m adept at losing weight without depriving myself but rethinking its daily diet. Among the so-called “unhealthy” food, I make the distinction between the one that I enjoy so much and that I do not see myself eradicating my menus, and the one I consume (or rather consume) by mere habit. Removing this second from your daily diet and replacing it with healthier daily meals is already an excellent base for losing weight over the months and without any headaches. If you want to deepen the subject, I advise you to read this article: when bad eating habits prevent us from getting thinner.

Today, I come back with an article that offers you 4 new natural tips to lose weight without taking your head.

Avoid industrial food!

80% of industrial food products contain added sugar, including salted foods. It has an addictive side that encourages more consumption  often as possible, you  , so it is a real commercial issue for industrialists. By opting for home cooking ashave two effects that will help you lose weight naturally (provided of course that you do not sugar all your dishes).

  • You reduce the calories in your portions slightly as you “remove” the empty calories from the sugar
  • If sugar encourages more eating, the opposite is also true. By reducing your superfluous consumption of sugar, little by little, you will be less inclined to eat beyond your feeling of hunger.

Change your dishes!

One often reads the advice to eat in smaller plates to reduce its food portion. It always puzzled me. And yet, it’s true! A 2014 study showed that up to 50% more can be consumed in larger dishes ( source , in English). The dimensions of the dishes greatly and unconsciously influence the size of the swallowed portions . So, if you have difficulty listening to your feeling of satiety, opt for smaller dishes!

Do not consume light products filled with sweeteners

I am referring here mainly to soft drinks and other products containing chemical sweeteners to recreate the sweet taste. The first reason is that you do not get used to the sweet taste. But according to the WHO we consume too much sugar. I think that to lose weight naturally, one of the principles is to gradually reduce this addiction to sweet taste. The second and foremost reason is that the consumption of light drinks promotes … fat accumulation and obesity( source )

Learn to anticipate your bad habits

Do you tend to eat junk food the night you come home from work? To swallow everything that happens to you in the morning when you slept badly? A crack for a pastry at your break of 10am because you have a little hollow and nothing better available? What is the situation that comes up frequently in your life? How can you prepare and anticipate in a healthier way? Have healthy snacks always available in your closets or purse? Homemade small dishes in the freezer? With a little organization, it becomes easier to resist the temptations of junk food  because you have nothing healthier at your fingertips. So do not hesitate to test different methods to reduce the attempt of the facility not necessarily good for your health and your line.

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