Things You Should Know to Grow a Travel Channel on YouTube

Things You Should Know to Grow a Travel Channel on YouTube


Before YouTube, it was quite strenuous for travel enthusiasts to find a perfect balance between their 9-5 job schedule and travel plans. No doubt, they had weekends, but we all know how much you can explore in two days. Basically, the good old days were not so good for all adventure lovers out there.

But after YouTube’s release and its immense growth, many travelers started making short travel films and published them on YouTube. Today, those people are traveling the world and living the dreaming of making money while doing what they love. 

If you love to explore as well, YouTube will give you the perfect opportunity to earn money and follow your passion at the same time. But, like any other genre, starting a travel channel on YouTube requires a well-planned strategy. Keep in mind that publishing random videos won’t help you get YouTube subscribers and your channel will be lost in the clutter. 

So, in this guide, we have decided to put together a quick guide on how to start a travel channel on YouTube and grow it to become one of the top travel creators. 

1. Find Your Niche

Travel filmmaking is extremely vast. You can become a travel vlogger or create short films from your traveling. You can also compile your clips to create a travel documentary that follows a dedicated storyline instead of small 4-5 minutes vlogs. 

In a nutshell, travel filmmaking is not just about joining small clips from your vacations. You’ll have to find a specific niche that suits your style and create content accordingly. This will help you stay real in front of the camera and get instant YouTube subscribers for your brand new channel.  

2. Don’t Compromise With the Quality

When it comes to travel filmmaking, video quality is extremely important. High-quality videos are comparatively more appealing and help you showcase your creativity as well. In saying that, however, it’s not always necessary to buy high-end cameras to enhance the quality of your videos. 

Today, even a $500 smartphone can capture 4K videos. However, to make your videos more interesting, you’ll have to first learn the basics of shooting a travel film. Watch other travel vloggers on YouTube and see how they tell a story through video. Use their videos as an inspiration to create your own style and never compromise with the video quality. 

3. Learn Video Editing

If you want to get YouTube subscribers for your channel, you’ll have to be a good editor as well. Believe it or not, but video editing is extremely important if you want to make it big on YouTube. 

You can’t put together a bunch of travel clips and expect people to come and watch your videos. So, make sure to learn the basics of video editing as well. There are thousands of tutorial videos on YouTube that’ll help you enhance your editing skills and create cinematic travel videos.  

4.Don’t Forget About The Audio

For any travel filmmaker on YouTube, audio is as important as the visuals. There’s no way people will watch your videos if the audio quality is poor. So, you should also know how to add audio effects to your travel vlogs/films so that you can make them visually appealing. 

Every travel YouTuber has his/her own set of rules when it comes to adding audio effects. While some people tend to keep their videos simple, others use high-end audio effects to make their videos look cinematic. It doesn’t matter which category you belong to, you should always focus on keeping a high audio quality so that people come and watch your videos. 


So, these are a few tips that’ll help you start a traveling channel on YouTube. If you are also an adventure-seeker, the above-mentioned tips will help you start and grow your channel on YouTube. And, in case you’re struggling to get views during the initial days, you can always buy YouTube subscribers to build a strong viewership. Irrespective of what may you have heard, buying YouTube subscribers will help your brand in many ways and it’ll become way easier to get the initial push. 

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