Things to consider before opting for rooftop extension

rooftop extension architecture


Once you have decided to expand your house and to have better space then you should go for rooftop extension. Every individual feels excited to begin this project. But you should do proper research, knowledge about rooftop extension, planning, and patience to get the desired outcome.

Before deciding the colour scheme and design for your rooms, 5 things are needed to get considered for the rooftop extension architecture.

These are as follows:

  • Budget

If you are planning for a rooftop extension then it is important to know the availability of budgets. This budget should also include all the expenses like architectural fees, material cost, and all the professional fees. At the time of calculating your expenses, you should not forget about the VAT.

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You should tell your architect about your expectations and the available funds so that the architect could tell you whether your expectations could be fulfilled within your budget or not.

  • Planning permission

Once you have decided for an extension and you have the required budget for the extension project, the next thing you have to do is, consult with your neighbours about your project. You should take time and talk to your neighbours for securing planning permission. If your neighbours are agreed with your project then you can go for the next step without any stress. Otherwise, you should remain calm and tell your architect about the objection of neighbours so that the architect could take any alternative solution.

  • Quality

Before deciding for the rooftop extension, it is important to know whether it will provide any benefit to you or your family. We all know that quality matters a lot. If your efforts and money on the extension will help to increase the market value of your house then it’s a great idea and you should invest in your house. And if not, then it will damage your expectations and will not give any reward what you were hoping in return.

If you are planning to expand your house space, the rooftop extension is a great idea and it will help you to create your dream home. Rather than buying a new house and change your locality, it is important to know that improving is better than moving.

  • Services

The house space where you want the extension, it is important to understand that your extension should not affect the services to the property. Electricity, gas, water, and drainage are the services that should not be damaged by your extension.

  • Materials and Design

After considering all the above points, now you can plan for an extension like, what kind of material is required and most important the design as per your expectations. All you need to include are windows and doors, insulation, and the roof of your house.

At last, after satisfying all the above points then you can take roof extension service. These services help to enhance the look of your house and also to expand the desired area of the house. Many things are required to be in consideration like you should know your budget, including expenses, permission, quality, etc before going for rooftop extension.

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