The role of No Face in Spirited Away

The role of No Face in Spirited Away


If you haven’t watched the animated Japanese film Spirited Away then you are surely going to be inquisitive about the character No Face Spirited Away. Do not worry, we will give you a brief overview of the character.

One of the major characters in the 2001 award-winning film, Spirited Away is No Face. He is considered to be a dark spirit who devours and then seeps in their emotions.

The appearance of No Face

In the film, No Face is portrayed to be a black, tube-like semi-transparent creature. Also, he has a white mask and stripes that are purple in color which is located all over his head. He has arms that are quite small and hands that are black. After transformation, No Face becomes fatter and larger.

Some more details of the character No-Face in Spirited Away:

Initially,in the film, you will see No Face outside the bathhouse in the rain. The new worker in the bathhouse, Chihiro sees no face out in the rain and lets him inside the bathhouse without being aware of who he actually is. Later it is seen that Chihiro is followed by no face in the bathhouse and he also steals bath tokens for her.

One night he goes and approaches another worker of the bathhouse, Aogaeru. Then no face tempts him over the promise of gold and then devours him. Then he gets some of his greedy and corrupt personality. Also, as time passes, his negative qualities get intensified and he starts demanding bath luxury and food from the workers of the bathhouse. In turn, they are being tipped with a large amount of gold. Thus no face tends to gain great popularity in the bathhouse. Everyone there intends to serve him so that they are being graced with some of his wealth.

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 There is this one time when he offers Chihiro a tip and she politely refuses to that. That is when he loses his mind and creates great havoc. Because No Face finds Chihiro quite interesting due to her simplicity and genuine nature. Also, he throws a tantrum and devours more two spirit workers.

How is the personality of No Face?

Well, No face does have a gentle and kind nature even though he seems to be mysterious with a timid and dark side to his personality. He gets involved in those activities that will lead him into trouble as well as corruption. He eats other spirits and takes over their negative emotions but later when he realizes it he becomes sympathetic and sensitive. If you intend on having some more detailed information of the same then you can look at here now.

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