Pick The Best Bicycle For Your Next Outdoor Adventure

The Best Bicycle


Regularly exercising with a bicycle comes with plenty of health benefits. Also, it is a good sport and hobby to start with. If you have been encouraged by someone to start joining their bike rides, then you must know which type of bike is perfect for your next adventure. Remember that there are different types of bikes out there and they have unique purposes and features to consider too.

Folding Bike

These are becoming more popular these days. This is perfect for those who want to take their bike anywhere with them. They are also much preferred because they can be easily stored even in small apartments that have a limited storage room. Most folding bikes have smaller wheels compared to regular bikes.

Road Bike

Road bikes are the most preferred by those who enjoy biking outdoors. Road bikes are racers that are designed to have small tires and “drop” handlebars for faster speed and movement. The bike is lighter than the types too. However, this bike is not suitable for trails and rough roads because they are uncomfortable to use and may be hard to control. Most road bikes are not recommended for commuting or touring.

Mountain Bike

Mountain bikes are specifically designed for off-road riders. The handlebars are flat or straight up and the low gears help climb steep trails. Most suspensions are built into the mountain bikes. When it comes to suspensions, there are different types to choose from. The hardtail bikes have suspension in the front, while full-suspension bikes have suspension in the front and back. The mountain bikes can also be turned into touring or commuting bikes, however, they aren’t as light or fast.

City Bike

The city bike is basically a type that you can use to get to work or ride around the city. Most of the time this is a hybrid and a cruiser combination. When looking at it, the city bike has hybrid-sized wheels but has an upright riding position.

Cyclocross Bike

Cyclocross bikes are made to race on different types of terrain (combination of pavement, unpaved trails, gravel, grass). Cross bikes, which are short for cyclocross bikes, have a drop handlebar like road bikes, but the tires are bigger for better grip off-road, and the brake keeps mud from building up in the frame.

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