How to Vape Safely with Pure CBD Oil Products?

How to Vape Safely with Pure CBD Oil Products


Vaping is a popular way of administering CBD [cannabidiol]. CBD oil vaping is a non-addictive, non-psychoactive, and convenient method. It is a safe method, but you need to remember to buy products from a reliable source and use the dosage responsibly. Research and clinical trials have proven the potential of CBD oil in treating multiple health problems.

In the US, many states have legalized CBD oil medicinal and recreational use. However, the psychoactive THC has to be less than 0.2% or 0.3%. All the CBD products available in the market are not the same.

As the cannabis industry is not regulated there are irresponsible vape juice manufacturers not committed to offering customers quality products but have a desire to make quick money. Fortunately, you can buy a premium quality CBD vape pen and cartridge on The hemp used to extract the best CBD oil is cultivated in the US, and it complies with the standard extraction process.

Vitamin E-acetate is unhealthy 

Last year, the CDC [Center for Disease Control] confirmed that the main cause of the vaping illness is an additive called Vitamin E-acetate. Black market vape pens are manufactured without any regulation, non-traceable ingredients, and no lab testing. These overnight manufacturers use Vitamin E-acetate in making CBD or THC oil cartridges.

Vitamin E is a healthy option to consume, but heating and inhaling in high quantities can inflame your lungs. It needs hospitalization and for some can be fatal. Last year, CDC found Vitamin E-acetate in hospitalized patients’ lungs. This outbreak revealed the truth of the unregulated shadowy black-market. Unknown manufacturers stew a concoction of strange chemicals, pack and sell.

Other factors that contaminate your vaping experience

Besides CBD, there are pesticides and toxic materials used in the mass market vape products. The contamination creates crippling illness. Fungicide Myclobutanil was found in every sample of vape pens sold in the black market.

When fungicide gets heated poisonous hydrogen-cyanide is released. The devices are made from poor quality plastic and other materials used like glue or solder are things that deteriorate when heated.

How to vape safely?

Judiciously use your vape pen. Never inhale heated aerosols in your lungs. The best option is to use a vape pen only when you want fast-acting instant relief like during panic attacks. For daily health and wellbeing take the oral form of CBD. The regular and consistent CBD oil usage will help to create a state of homeostasis in your endocannabinoid system. This increases mood and resilience as well as diminishes stress.

When you start your vape pen ensure to keep it activated for not more than 2 seconds. More than three seconds can cause the heating element to increase its temperature. This makes the vapor hot and it can frustrate lungs.

Take short puffs followed with a huge inhale of cool fresh air that helps to dilute the vapor inside the lungs. Allow the device to cool before you take another puff. It means you need to take little sips and not a deep drag.

Beginners need to start slowly with their puffs and closely monitor the response!

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