How to improve memory

improve memory


Amar, the marketing manager, called for a team meeting. He had just got off with one of the clients. The meeting was called to discuss the marketing campaign for the client’s upcoming fundraising.

However, as the meeting started and Amar gave the brief about client requirements, one of the team members asked a question, “sir what’s this fundraising is all about?” Amar went to answer but then, he paused. He could not remember what the client had shared right before the meeting.

How could this happen?

Amar had experienced moments of forgetfulness. And this can happen to anyone, especially with our busy lifestyle and multitasking habits.

Although people often point at conditions like Alzheimer’s disease for memory loss, research in the past few years has shown that lifestyle and food habits play a major role in improving and maintaining your memory power.

Without further delay, let’s discuss ways on how to increase memory power.

1. Cut on added sugar

Too much added sugar in your diet has proven to be causing health issues including chronic diseases and cognitive decline.

Research has shown that excess added sugar can reduce brain volume and lead to poor memory over time. It particularly affects the area of our brain that stores short-term memory.

2. Meditate regularly

Meditation has proven to be beneficial for health in many ways. Taking 10 minutes out of your busy schedule every day and practicing concentration and meditation has proven to reduce stress, lower blood pressure, and even improve memory.

Moreover, regular practicing meditation has been shown to improve grey matter in the brain, which declines with age causing memory loss over time.

3. Get enough sleep

You must know the importance of ‘good night’s sleep’. But does this mean sleeping for 8-10 hours? Well, if you have been stressing over the quantity of sleep it’s time you work on its quality as well.

Sleep is important as it’s the only time we are completely relaxed and give time to our body and mind to regain energy. While we are sleeping soundly our brain works on memory consolidation which strengthens short-term memories into long-lasting memories.

4. Tran your brain

 Did you know that you train your brain? It’s like training your body and muscles with the help of exercise. Training your mind could be among the great personal development skills you can acquire.

But how to train your brain? Just like physical exercise, try engaging in word-recall games, crosswords, and other memory games. You can even use mobile apps for memory training to strengthen your memory.

5. Get your daily dose of vitamin D

 Vitamin D plays a vital role in physical and mental health. A low level of vitamin D not only leads to mishappening bones but also reduces cognitive functions that lead to poor memory.

So if during the lockdown you have confined yourself in home, it’s time you step out on the balcony or terrace to get your daily dose of vitamin D.

Just like your physical health brain health can also be improved with regular brain exercise and a proper diet. As for improving your memory, there are many fun ways from playing memory games to using apps dedicated to memory training. However, what’s more important is taking the first step to improving your brain health.

Start following these tips to take that first step and gradually turn it into a habit to strengthen your memory and improve brain health.

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