History of Chandeliers – How Did They Become A Luxury for The Commons?

History of Chandeliers


Have you ever thought why only castles and high society people had chandeliers at home back then? Well, one of the main reasons was that not everyone could afford it, but why did it become so costly? It is because just by looking at a chandelier you feel that it must be a luxurious product that will empty your pockets.

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History of chandeliers:

Chandeliers give a romantic and elegant look to your home and its history goes back to the 18th century. The royal castles used to host a play to show some of the best and the finest chandeliers in the world and the most beautiful ones, of course. The first kind of chandelier that came into existence was the forged iron chandelier.

Although a lot of time has passed, forged iron chandeliers are still in fashion for vintage-style homes. It might look very simple in design but this is where the fashion of having chandeliers had started. Without these, there wouldn’t have been crystal chandeliers in the market. Initially, a few candles were fitted on heavy iron chandeliers and were fixed with the ceiling for light.

Later, many designers stepped in to enhance the design of these chandeliers and the luxurious and royal people at that time were fantasized by the idea of having a beautifully handcrafted chandeliers at their homes. From simple candles on a chandelier to beautiful designs, the idea of luxury and elegance from chandeliers has been in fashion for centuries.

Chandeliers in the present day:

Now, chandeliers are being used by all high society people especially in their dining room and the entrance. Not only among the luxurious people, but chandeliers are also now becoming affordable for middle class and commoners. They are now available in different sizes and shapes to suit your home. From small homes to large bungalows, you can find chandeliers everywhere.

Crystal chandeliers are in fashion in modern times and it is not very easy to clean and maintain them. There is no point in having a dirty chandelier as it will only look shabby. It requires cleaning at least once in 2 months and with proper procedures to make sure it does not break or damage in any way.

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