Dolby Audio- Enjoy Surround Sound When Watching TV

Dolby Audio- Enjoy Surround Sound When Watching TV


When you are in the market for a smart TV, besides picture quality, you should also concentrate on the sound technology that the televisions uses. That will enable you to enjoy an immersive viewing experience while watching a movie, TV program and sports, or playing a view game. A television with poor sound technology can ruin your viewing experience.

While there are many sound technologies in the market, Dolby has become the benchmark. Some of the best TV brands in the market use Dolby sound technology to ensure their customers enjoy a superior experience.

In case you are wondering why is Dolby Audio is the best sound technology for smart TV, here are some compelling reasons. For one, it ensures you enjoy a powerful, rich, and clear sound when you are viewing content, whether the content is broadcasted, streamed, or downloaded. Other advantages of this technology are as following:

Clear and Precise Audio

If your Android television has Dolby Audio, you can rest assured knowing that you will be able to hear every single detail. This enhances the viewing experience as you do not have to stress your ears to hear the details.

Automatic Volume Control

One of the best parts about Dolby Audio is that the volume increases or decreases automatically. You never have to worry about volume jumps when you switch content or there is a commercial break.

Surround Sound

Going to the cinema is passé. Nowadays people have home theaters that allow them to enjoy a cinema-like experience in the comfort of their homes. Dolby Audio enhances your hearing experience with the help of surround sound. This creates an immersive viewing experience.

Enhanced Sound

Dolby Audio also ensures that you enjoy your content completely, even if you have small speakers. The technology is designed to enhance the volume so that you can hear everything clearly and precisely.

Finding the Right Smart TV

In case you are looking for an affordable smart TV that uses Dolby Audio to offer you an engaging viewing experience, you cannot go wrong with Sanyo Kaizen. In case you did not know, Sanyo is the online-only brand of Panasonic. The brand sells its products via eCommerce platforms, allowing you to purchase world-class televisions for affordable prices.

Sanyo launched the Kaizen series of smart TVs in September 2019 and it operates using the latest Android Pie 9.0 OS. They are certified by google, and you will enjoy a superior viewing experience, thanks to the user-friendly interface used by Google. This model is available in varying sizes, right from 32 inches, which is the smallest size, to 65 inches. The 32-inch TV has a full-HD screen while the 43-inch and bigger TVs come with 4K resolution.

Kaizen TVs come with IPS super bright LED displays and the edges have minimal bezels so the picture is across the entire screen. The televisions have been made from flame-retardant VO material and this will make you feel secure as each set resists fire.

This smart TV supports a whole range of apps, including Netflix and Amazon Prime. If you are a Netflix lover, you will be extremely happy to learn that the TV remotes have a dedicated button for Netflix. In addition, the remotes also has a button for Google Assistant so that you can interact with this AI using just voice commands.

The Kaizen series come with 20W box speakers and also has state-of-the-art sound technologies, including Dolby Digital and Digital Signal Processing. So, you will enjoy clear sound and immersive viewing experience.

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Kaizen TVs also have chromecast that enables you to stream content onto the television using a compatible device. You can even mirror photos, videos, and shows from your tablet and smartphone onto the television.

In Conclusion

Now you know what is Dolby technology and how it improves your viewing and listening experience. You also know which smart TV utilizes this sound technology to ensure you have one of the best and most engaging viewing experiences ever.

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