Copper Mining and Copper Recycling

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Copper is one of the prized metals due to its amazing properties. Nowadays, we are living in a world surrounded by copper items everywhere. Your houses, office, school markets every single item you use have copper or some of its alloy.  Copper has been obtained either from mining or recycling. Different activists, environmentalists, eminent people from the mining industry have different viewpoints regarding copper mining and recycling. Social activists and environmentalism emphasize copper recycling instead of mining. See how Mitch Hedlund is working on recycling.

According to them, recycling is cost-effective and environmentally friendly. They also claim that recycling is very important to avoid resource depletion. On the other hand, industrialists and mining associations support their argument by saying that recycling can’t fully fill the industry demand. Moreover, the copper mining industry provides employment to thousands of people.

Copper Is The Versatile and Most Used Metal on the Earth.

Yes, it is a fact that copper is the most used and recycled metal. However, only twelve percent of copper resources has been mined until now. In the U.S, copper obtained from recycling is equal to copper obtained from mining. Different mining companies work around the globe to extract copper to make final products from it. Solaris Resources is also working on copper exploration in Canada. It is highly ductile and the best conductor. Moreover, its antimicrobial properties make it suitable for medical applications. It is present in every cooling, heating system, phone, laptop, and many household items. In short, copper has unlimited use in daily life.

Need Of A Balance Approach

There is a need to create a balance between recycling and mining. If currently available copper is recycled hundred percent, then still there is a need for forming. You can’t exclusively rely on mining or recycling. Demand for copper is getting higher day by day due to the technological and industrial revolution.  Developing countries are in need of more copper as they are building their infrastructure. Their modern societies consume more and more of the copper. Mining is essential to meeting this demand.

It is true that world copper producers have to play their role and create a balance between mining and recycling.  Their continuous efforts can maintain a balance between the supply and demand of copper.  For this purpose, they have to keep a strict eye on the availability and consumption of recycled metals, population growth, and industrialization. In addition, they have to keep in mind that developing countries, while planning, will consume a large amount of copper in the future. If you want to get more information, look at Solaris Resources Stock.

Final Thoughts

Neither mined cooper nor recycled copper alone fulfills the demand for metal around the globe. However, there are fluctuations in the supply and demand of copper from year to year due to different reasons. For example, recently covid disturbed the demand and supply in the global market, but both mined and recycled copper are necessary to maintain the balance.

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