Business Leader Dave Highbloomon The Success of The OfficePartners360 Adopt-A-School-Program and First Batch of Employee Vaccinations

Batch of Employee Vaccinations


OfficePartners360 is a leading company that deals with 24/7×365 services that allow their clients to refocus on their key business by providing support in customer service (i.e., email, calls, live chat, and social media) to outbound sales (lead qualification, warm transfers) and back-office (content moderation, online merchandising, catalog/inventory management, graphic design, virtual assistant).

The company’s primary goal is to boost the value of the shareholder for their clients by predominantly decreasing costs, enhancing service quality levels, and accelerating their top-line revenue performance.

Dave Highbloom is the Chief Administrator Officer at OfficePartners360 with more than25 years of valuable experience building and scaling companies within the business process and knowledge-based sectors. These companies cover K-12 education, health service and consulting, and real estate.

In consistency with its Global Social Responsibility, the company has executed a successful Adopt-a-School Program that has resulted in making a financial donation to a beneficiary school based in the Philippines.

The school that finally got this donation under OP360’s Adopt-A-School Program is Don Vicente Rama Memorial Elementary School- Special Education Center. According to him, Don Vicente is one of the eight schools in the Philippines based in Cebu Province to be nominated for the grant. Each of the schools was given a priority project, out of which Don Vicente Rama Memorial Elementary School- Special Education Center was chosen because it caters to children with special needs.

All the schools receive multiple computers for learning

As a surprise, he says that all of these eight schools received multiple computers. OP360 is hopeful this grant to the schools will help the students cope better with the Pandemic. The company firmly believes in continuing with community partnerships that are strategic in nature so that it can create an intense multi-generational social impact on the community.

Taking care of its employees

He adds that besides the community, OP360 also cared deeply about its employees and got its first batch of staff vaccinated against COVID-19. The employees who the company has vaccinated showered glowing praises on the management. In the post-vaccination survey, they expressed their content and satisfaction that the drive was seamless and hassle-free. Everyone in this vaccination program was highly supportive and encouraging. Employees also took to social media to express their satisfaction with how the vaccination drive was conducted successfully. Hospital staff has also praised the efforts of OP360 to vaccinate its employees with great care. Each person was given a vaccination kit that had a water bottle, biscuits, a pen, and a fan as it is summertime and the average temperature in the Philippines soars up to 41 degrees Celsius.

OP360 is now presently waiting for the vaccination schedule for the rest of its registered employees. With 283 newly registered employees, OP360 presently has 865 employees registered under the company’s vaccination program.

Dave Highbloom says that OP360 has entered into a partnership with Project Buhay and the Office of The Presidential Assistant for the Visayas to offer free vaccination against COVID-19. Other private companies have joined the public-private partnership that is unique to Cebu City in the Philippines

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