3 Best Tablets You Can Buy

3 Best Tablets You Can Buy


Tablets are the best devices that perform both tasks in between smartphones and laptops. They are effective gadgets for doing office work, playing games, doing homework, reading or keeping your children entertained, and a lot more. There was a time when the tablet market was dormant for years because the Apple company had an unparalleled lead over the competitors, but things started to change after the year 2020. Now the android makers have re-emphasized their hard work in making the tablets again. In less than a year, android makers have come with plenty of interesting options for tablets. Although coming at different prices tags, these models have never compromised on the quality. Similarly, there are endless tablets available in the market, but you must be thinking about which one is right for you? So, whether you are looking for a specific iPad or an android model, this blog has picked the best ones for you.

1- iPad Pro 12.9

If talking objectively, Apple’s iPad Pro 12.9 is one the best tablet that money can buy. Having the power of the M1 chipset, this tablet offers you to blaze fast 4K video exports, mobile gaming, productivity tasks at the topmost settings. It offers everything just in a slim-designed tablet. This tablet has ample battery life that can work constantly for a complete day. Other than this, having 16GB RAM, 5G connectivity, and an updated thunderbolt port it can work on-board as a replacement of a laptop. Another big addition, it has a mini-LED display that gives you a huge improvement in comparison to the previous iPads. Moreover, its panel can also add over 1000 nits of brightness. If your budget can stretch, you can buy this truly excellent tablet that never compromises on its qualityLuckily, you can get more quality tablets like this with Noon coupon at huge discounted prices.

2- Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+

Samsung is one of the leading android companies that make gadgets parallel to Apple company. Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+ has brought the best largest screen tablet that has all the features one could ever want. Its 120Hz and 12.4-inch panel is the premium way to enjoy all media. Its quad speakers can get loud, it looks uniform from all the sides with its slim bezels, all this feel luxurious gadget in hands. Additionally, this device comes with a DeX productive game-changer coming with a desktop-like UI and S pen in the package. The only thing that you may not like about this gadget is its slow 15W chargers. If you are after the luxury experience then the Tab S7+ would be an ideal choice for you to buy.

3- Xiaomi Pad 5

If you are looking for a tablet that is wallet-friendly and yet won’t make you compromise on the quality of the tablet then try Xiaomi Pad 5. It has a 1- inch IPS LCD along with a snappy120Hz refresh rate, flagship-grade Snapdragon 860 chipset, premium quad speakers, a 22.5W or 33W fast charger, and a smooth MIUI 12.5 on top of Android 11. With the large-sized display, you can enjoy YouTube videos, tv shows, sport match, and a lot more. The panel fetches both HDR10 and Dolby Vision abilities and gets nicely bright if you want it bright. Other than this, its battery lasts more than 14 hours on continuous browsing and watching videos.

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